Be a part of the Nigeria Financial Industry

New Technologies & Innovations are disrupting traditional ways of conducting Financial Transactions & Wealth Management

  • Start your journey into the FinTech Industry space
  • Participate in the Loan Service Market
  • Promote Financial Inclusion with Money Lending
  • Manage and Grow your Loan Portfolio
  • Earn Returns on Investment (ROI)

About Us

We are Aposhashamura

A member of the Zoltan Crest Group, trading under the name & style of Aposhashamura Finance Limited

A member of the Financial Services Innovation Association of Nigeria

A Financial Technology based company operating in the FinTech Industry space in Nigeria

A Lagos State Registered & Licensed Money Lender (License No. 0000220)

The owner of the Aposhashamura online Loan Platform and the Aposhashamura Tenant Board (ATB)

Engages in rendering various Loan Services

wrappixel kit
wrappixel kit

At first it was like a joke, now it makes the whole sense.

Toyin Animashaun

Who can sign up on the Aposhashamura Tenant Board?

Anyone who is interested in participating & investing in the loan service market either as a: market.
Business Starter (BS)
For individual
  • May or may not have a Registered Business
  • No lending license required
  • Start lending immediately
Business Owner (BO)
For businesses
  • Must have a Registered Business Name
  • Must obtain State Lending License
  • Can disburse loans in Company’s name

Flexible Tenancy Plans

CONETFIL is characterized by:

  • A yearly subscription & subsequent yearly renewal
  • A Tiering System
  • Volume of Trading Funds
  • Monthly trading limits
  • Designated no. of loans to be serviced on daily basis
  • A Tenancy Agreement backed up by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Investment Tier & Trading Limit Subscription Subsequent Renewal Daily Peered Loans
Tier 1:
250,000 — 1,999,000
NGN 12,500 NGN 6,250 5
Tier 1:
2,000,000 — 4,999,000
NGN 50,000 NGN 25,000 10
Tier 1:
5,000,000 — 19,999,000
NGN 125,000 NGN 62,500 25
Tier 1:
20,000,000 — 49,999,000
NGN 500,000 NGN 250,000 50
Tier 1:
50,000,000 — 99,999,000
NGN 1,250,000 NGN 625,000 100

Our business partners

All rights reserved. Aposhashamura Finance Limited is a State Licensed Money Lender with License Number 0000220. Aposhashamura Finance Limited is incorporated in Nigeria (RC 150927).